What is Domination?

The basic game mode is a deathmatch-style battle taking place in the streets and alleyways of a World War II town.
A game has a max of 12 players but can start with fewer. Players spawn at set locations spaced sufficiently far from each other. A player dies when they have no health points remaining. When a player dies, they will respawn in one of these set positions that is currently classified as safe due to an absence of players currently in the area.
The game continues until either a player has reached the specified kill threshold or when 30 minutes have elapsed if the threshold has not yet been met. When the game has concluded, the three players with the most kills are rewarded with tokens, the top six players increase in ELO, and the bottom six players decrease in ELO. The number of players rewarded with tokens and ELO may be modified if there are fewer than 12 people in the game.