Tank NFT

The initial tanks will be minted with ONE. These tanks will have randomized traits and stats including their rarity, color, bonus attack damage, bonus speed, bonus weight, etc. The numbers are generated based on a normal distribution which insinuates that the average as well as numbers closest to average will be most prevalent.
Tanks can be upgraded and new tanks can be trained. Upgrades cost increasing amounts of the $TANK token and will be capped at five total upgrades per tank. Training a new tank requires 2 “parent” tanks from which the “child” inherits statistical probabilities. The average of the stats of the two “parent” tanks is utilized as the mean in a normal distribution to generate the statistics of the new tank.
A tank can only be used to train a new tank a limited number of times which incentivizes obtaining good tanks not just for the sake of winning games, but also to train with your other good tanks and possibly obtain even stronger tanks.